Birthing Classes:
-Molly Crenshaw offers Hypnobirthing classes at the Natural Birthing Center. 512-864-4216;
-Krystal Trammell offers a variety of private, in-home classes for childbirth preparation.
--Anita Hernandez also offers childbirth classes in the Killeen/Fort Hood area.



-Kitara Byerley-  Kitara has a 97% success rate in treating infertility.  Pregnancy symptoms such as first trimester nausea can be safely treated.   Acupuncture can facilitate birth.  For more information: call 512-851-3303 for an appointment. She serves Temple and Georgetown areas. 

--Dr Goodwin offers an induction special with the combination of accupuncture and chiropractic.  979-885-8824.   Cedar Park.


Chiropractors-  Temple & Georgetown areas:

-Alli Goodwin- Dr Chiropractor and LAC, Cedar Park, TX

-Dr Shawn Isdale- Harker Heights

-Dr Jessica Bryant-   Pediatric and Pregnancy chiropractor, Harker Heights, TX


Prenatal Massage Therapists:

-Libby Nichols- The Remedy  254-624-7912  Salado, TX


Local Doulas:

-Denise Goad-  Round Rock, Georgetown and Northern Austin areas. 

-Leticia Moran- Postpartum doula, Yoga Instructor -

-Red Poppy Doula – Erica Stauffer; certified doula and midwife in training; north Austin/Killeen/Temple



-Bluebonnet Ultrasound- Round Rock-   

We like Bluebonnet because they limit baby's exposure to ultrasound while giving you quality pictures.  For an antatomical survey, the cost is very reasonable.  Call for appointment  512-461-3259  102 E. Old Bowman Rd, suite C, Round Rock  





-Amy Odom- Copperas Cove, Killeen area, Temple



-Josh Kellar-,  Christian counselor, Temple-Belton, TX. 


Holistic Health Coach: 

Believe Health and Wellness.  Mandy Pyle.  816-929-0411   Mandy can help you  meet your health and nutrition goals, weight loss needs etc.  Round Rock, TX


Breath and movement birth preparation: (Middle Eastern dance as birth preparation)

Tuesdays 1:00   In Salado->   Keep an eye on  for times and classes. Currently we  meet Tuesdays at the birth center in Salado at 1:00.  Free for our clients. Recommended for VBAC and first time mothers. Great for our Temple area clients. 


Placenta Encapsulation:

-Anita Hernandez; assistant midwife with The Natural Birthing Center
-Erica Stauffer; north Austin/Killeen/Temple - Red Poppy Doula 

-Krystal Trammell; Killeen/Fort Hood/North Austin -



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