Waterbirth Midwife Services Salado to Georgetown

   Every mother is special to us and each birth is unique.  


Our definition of 'Midwife':
Someone who specializes in supporting your birth, your way


Here are some of the differences:

  • Homebirths, waterbirths, birth center births, prenatal visits, and full spectrum postpartum care for you and your infant.
  • Referrals for postpartum assistance. 
  • Home visits - for special circumstances, (prenatal care can happen in your home by a midwife and her birth assistant/ student when there are special circumstances).
  • Initial post-delivery care and stabilization in your home or at the birth center.
  • Birth Center Deliveries - Initial 2- 3 day postpartum mom and baby visit in your home.
  • Two week post partum visit for mother and baby, six week visit for mother and baby. 
  • Water births available at both locations i.e. homebirth or birth center
  • Acupuncture referrals
  • Referrals to Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists 
  • Birth and Postpartum Doula referrals 
  • Placenta encapsulation available at a reduced rate for our clients ($150)
  • Hypnobirthing or birthing classes
  • Prenatal Dance Classes
  • Postpartum Preparation Classes
  • "Community Prenatal" pregnancy support groups
  • Prenatal care, birth, and post delivery care are offered at a fraction of the cost of other area birth centers, or hospitals. We are honest and there are no "add ons" or extra fees to pay. We will always be honest about insurance.  It pays to call around and meet with different midwife groups. We will give you superior care and save you money.
  • We travel to you - Salado, Killeen, Georgetown, Round Rock, Temple and surrounding areas.



Postpartum Tips:


After the homebirth of your baby, it is time to slow down, heal and recover.  Pregnancy takes precious nutrients from your body and gives them to your baby.  It takes two years for your body to fully recover from one pregnancy.  This is true even though at 6-8 weeks, you begin to feel more like yourself and many women are back to wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes.  


The first week or two we encourage you to do nothing but rest and bond with your baby. Let others cook and clean for you.  If someone offers to help, say, "Yes, please wash the dishes in my sink."  Sleep when baby sleeps.  Sleep deprivation can sometrimes lead to depression.  


We strongly advise against traveling or long rides in the car for the first two weeks. Give your body time to heal the stitches, and for any swelling to resolve before it is aggravated by long car rides.  Nurse your baby while resting on your side to minimize sitting. Sitz baths (available at Walmart) three or four times a day for 20 minutes can be very helpful. Alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen can be helpful. 


It is important to get iron-rich foods or take Floradix in the first 2-3 months post-birth. Placenta encapsulation is helpful in re-building iron and mineral stores and helps you recover more quickly. 


Breastfeeding also pulls nutrients from you to make optimally nourishing breast milk for your baby.  This is expected and normal.  We encourage you to eat healthy and continue taking your Juice Plus/Juice Festive, prenatal vitamins, and getting  healthy fats in your diet such as avocado or fish oils.


Around the third day after delivery, the hormones switch to breastfeeding and you may feel like the world is coming to an end. This usually passes. But if it persists past a week you should tell your midwife. To offset any postpartum depression, we encourage a daily fish oil, a small amount of progesterone cream rubbed on the skin (sunshine makes a nice progesterone cream), or placenta encapsulation. Get out in the sun! Call someone. 


By the sixth week post-delivery, you should be feeling more like yourself. A mother's group can be most helpful. If you are interested in a mother's meet-up, let Sandra know. Molly Crenshaw is a counselor offering her services in the Salado facility.  


A postpartum doula can also be a wonderful blessing!


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