Round Rock midwife offers homebirths, water births and birth center options.

Experienced Homebirth Midwife

   We serve Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, North Austin, Temple,  Belton, Round Rock,  Leander and More!


    We believe in beautiful,  dynamic physiologic birth.  We support you in a collaborative birth partnership to achieve your healthy birthing goals.


    Sandra has been   certified, and practicing  as a  nurse midwife since 1993. Supporting  waterbirths since 1996. 


Our Stats: In 2021 our Cesarean rate was 4%.  In 2019 our cesarean section rate was 0%.  No one who started labor with us had a cesarean section!   


Our transport rate is low.  In 2020 our transport rate was 8.8%, and in 2021 it was 12%.





Waterbirths & pregnancy care

    Waterbirth, and homebirth are our area of expertise. Our goals during pregnancy  are for your health, and preparation for natural birth. 


    Pregnancy care at The Natural Birthing Center includes,  the common pregnancy labs,  measuring the growth of baby, palpating the baby for position, listening to baby's heart, referrals to other providers if/ as  necessary,  surveillance of metabolism and BP, fruit and vegetable supplements, and  an educational curriculum to prepare for the actual birth. 


     Our staff are Christian midwives with a life affirming belief in you and your family.


   " The Lord is my light and my salvation"

Psalms 27:1


"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid".  Hebrews 13:6


We also believe that " Perfect love casts out fear". I John 4:18





Affordable & Flexible 

   At The Natural Birthing Center our goal is to give you our very best. 


   There are no surprise costs! The price is discussed and in writing at your first visit.  We do not upcharge or add in costs.   


    When planning for the cost of your delivery-  The Natural Birthing Center is often less than the insurance deductible for a typical hospital birth! While we are cash only, we can help you file a claim by giving you a superbill.


The Natural Birthing Center specializes in Prenatal care, delivery, postpartum care, and newborn care for the first 6 weeks. We are on call 24/7  from 37 weeks until you deliver.  We provide educational preparation for a home birth or birth center birth.  

  >>>>>>>>>Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Before you were born, I set you apart.  Jeremiah 1:5.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     Our Goal is a safe and healthy mother and baby, naturally.  We also want your birth to be special.  To accomplish this goal we limit the number of clients we see per month so that we can focus on you.  Our goal is for each midwife on staff to have no more than 3 clients per midwife.  We currently have two midwives.  Yolandi and Sandra.







     It is our joy to serve you during your birth.  


     Being informed and taking personal rresponsibility is the hallmark of a home or birth center birth.  We encourage childbirth education during pregnancy as that will help you make decisions on your behalf. A midwife can offer guidance, but it is you who is pregnant.  It is you who makes dietary choices.  It is you who creates your own health.  It is you who gives birth. 


      Home birth is the gold standard.


     While rare, sometimes complications could arise during anyone"s birth.  We are properly trained in handling emergencies should one arise.  


      Our birth center is cleaned by protocols reviewed and approved by the State of Texas.  Our laundry recieves a minimum of two separate washes, the second wash utilizing bleach and heat.  Our linens are dried on very hot temperatures. The tubs, and beds are deep cleaned between clients. We know that cleanliness, handwashing are just the beginning of preventing illness and infections in our clients.



We offer a free tour of the birth center and/or interview for those seeking home birth. It is important to meet and get to know your midwife before you choose your midwife. --call today to schedule your tour! 









     We schedule 45 minute prenatals to give you  plenty of time to discuss your concerns. If this is your first midwife SHARED home birth or birth center birth, you will have lots of questions. We welcome questions--even hard ones.
     We want you and your family to have the best experience possible at home or in our Salado birth center, or the Round Rock birth center.  


      It may take a few visits to truly get to know your midwife. A midwife undergirds the foundation of a home birth.  Midwives are not the same.  There is a midwife for every mother.  We believe in honesty, integrity and keeping our word.   


     The Round Rock Birthing Center is less than 3 minutes from two hospitals and within 3 miles of three hospitals.  We are proud to have a low transport rate.  


     Due to the amount of time we spend  with each client, we limit the amount of clients we are able to accept each month.   Our facility  slots often fill quickly.   








Our core birth beliefs:  


     We believe that the birth of a baby can be a powerful, healing, and life-changing experience.   At the Natural Birthing Center your care is personalized to facilitate growth and healing. 


    We believe we are called to support you, and your partner to have the best, and safest out of hospital birth experience. Birth can and should be a blissful experience.  


     We believe that a woman remembers her birth forever.   It is you who is giving birth and we provide the background of safety so you can birth with confidence. 


     We know that one can have a beautiful birth while being safely attended with respect. 


     A midwife partners with you.  A midwife offers guidance, protects your privacy and seeks to fulfill your needs by offering choices, and respecting your birth choices. We understand that you may change your mind in birth.  We will go with you to the hospital and support you there. (During Covid 19 lock downs, the hospitals are not allowing more than one person with mom.)


     To get to this place of optimal birthing we take the time to get to know you.  We listen to you during your prenatal experience. You may mention the reasons the last birth was not ideal, or was traumatic.  It then becomes our goal to helpl you re-write the script for this birth. We talk about diet, exercise,  birth and parenting preparation. The prenatal appointments include addressing inner fears and barriers. As time moves forward, during your birth, our focus is on you.  We treat you the way we would like to be treated; with respect and kindness.  With the knowledge that this is your birth and your baby.  Your birth plan is important to us. As the midwife, we are a  guest at your birth to ensure you and your baby's safety, and to guide the birth energy toward  optimum birth and healthy motherhood.  We know that it is you who is giving birth, and you who creates the reality  of your birth.  And,  we are praying for you as your birthing time approaches. 







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It is my joy to serve you!


      For more information, join us on our closed group on Facebook "Natural Birthing Center" and request to join. 

At the NBC we seek to be a blessing at your birth.


We believe in birth.


We believe in your ability to give birth safely and joyfully at home or at our birth center.


We are here to support your journey through pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks post-delivery.


We want the best for you, your family and the birth of your baby.


We understand that who is present at your birth can make a powerful diffirence in your experience of birthing.


The midwife you choose is the midwife who will be there for you during your labor and birth.


* * * * *


  • The Natural Birthing Center does not share call schedules, and unlike many other birthing centers, it's not a group practice.
  • Sandra Tallbear is the old-fashioned kind of midwife!

Round Rock Location:

1101 Satellite View, STE 104

Round Rock, TX 78665


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