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Birthing Centers and homebirth is not always covered by all insurance even when the company states that it is. Everyone's policy differs. 


The Natural Birthing Center expects your entire birth package to be paid in full before you deliver, regardless of whether you have insurance or are paying directly.  We offer a cash rate for paying in full by 32 weeks.  There are no surprise fee's after delivery and no extra charges for acompannying you to the hospital in the rare circumstance that happens.


Since Covid, Insurance has not reimbursed well. We will give you a superbill. We have found that your reimbursment is better when you submit the bill on your own behalf (with our help) rather than utilizing a third party biller who takes ten percent.  Call for more information.  We are as honest and upfront with the fee's as possible.  We do not want you to be hit with a crazy unexpected bill that your insurance did not cover. 


There is no gaurantee what any one insurance company will actually pay. I'd you pay the birth fee before the birth by 32 weeks, you will never have to pay more than we agreed upon. We discuss this thoroughly, and in writing at your first visit.  We are not in network with any insurance company.  The following insurance companies have paid a portion or most of the costs associated with a birth center or home birth: 


Tricare Select ( out of network- but usually close to 50% reimbursement)


Christian Healthcare Ministries

Samaritan Ministries

Medishare (out of network- but works well with midwives)

Liberty Health Share- pay up front, they reimburse after delivery




You will get the most money back if you submit a superbill after your delivery. We help with that process. 


If you have questions regarding payment or your insurance, please contact us.




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