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Home birth after cesarean, empowering unmedicated first births, calm, quiet or triumphant water births...


We walk "with you" during this "birthing" journey.  We answer questions. We offer guidance for a healthy birth.  Besides two comfortable birth centers in Salado, and Round Rock, we happily travel to your homebirth in Georgetown, Temple, Belton, Killeen, Burnet and surrounding areas. 


As your midwife, It is my goal to bless you.  You will see the same midwife at your birth, that you see at your prenatal visits.  We want your birth to be triumphant!  We offer demedicalized, wholistic, family support.  



Here is what some of our clients have written about The Natural Birthing Center.


    "I will choose Sandra and Rachel for every birth I have in the future. They were amazing is an understatement. They went above and beyond for me and my baby. If you want to feel like a queen when giving birth, which every woman deserves, choose them..."  Linnea B.   


     "I had two births with the midwives. One at the birth center and one at home. They were both an awesome experience.  The service provided my Sandra, Joycelyn and all was simply amazing.  They truly care about you..."  Jerimiah Josie-Ann B.


      "Thank you so much for everything! Having you and Anita there, even for a short time, was so valuable to me. Even if it doesn't seem like it to you! I loved all of the scriptures you gently reminded me through my intense feelings.  Thank you."  Kristi R.



Here's what sets us apart:

  • We support a safe and healthy birth.  Our Clinical Director, Sandra Tallbear, is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Advanced Registered Nurse Practicioner who has a long career in midwifery. She has attended over 675 homebirths and several hundred water births.  She has a 33-year nursing career. Sandra has learned to blend trust in the birth process, with a safe birth for mother and baby.  Sometimes transport to the hospital is a necessity.  
  • We have experience. Due to her experience there is less liklihood of transferring out of care for some late term non life threatening complications.  That includes 24 years' direct midwifery experience and over 3000 births in all settings: home, birth center, and hospital including home birth after cesarean. However it is NOT safe to offer a VBAC out of hospital if one has had 3 or more cesareans.  We support a hospital VBAC.  
  • Our transport rate is low.  If you are serious about a homebirth, we are serious! We pour our hearts and soul into your birth.  We will do our best to keep you at home safely. We are on your team to safely support you. Each year our transport rate has stood at 10-12%.
  • In 2017 our cesarean rate was 2.5 % and in 2016 it was 0%.  In  2015 our Cesarean rate was 3.5%, and in 2014, it was 5%.  We work very hard to keep you out of the hospital  and to have a safe homebirth. That said--we also will not compromise your or your baby's wellbeing.  That means we will transport to the local hospital if it is necessary. We do our very best to strike a healthy balance.  We also owe a debt of thanks to the hospital(s) in which we transferred for allowing our mama's to the opportunity to rest and have a vaginal delivery.
  • We have a balanced view of pregnancy and birth We are experts in low-risk, natural birth and how to stay healthy during pregnancy, labor, postpartum and beyond.  We discuss healthy dietary modifications and exercises, as well as healthy supplements to meet your baby and your body's needs.  
  • Each birth is customized to fit your needs.  We keep customizing as you grow, learn and decide what is the best for you. 
  • We have great referrals.  We know and recommend other professionals skilled in pregnancy, placenta incapsulation, postpartum and newborn care to assist your family along the way.  
  • We offer on-site Hypnobirthing classes. Molly Crenshaw 512-864-4216  is our expert hypnobirthing instructtor.  If you are interested in a child birth class call Molly.  She also is licensed therapist. If you are needing a counselor, she is a well spring of knowlege and light.  Women who  are wanting to deliver in a local hospital are welcome to join the hypnobirthing classes also. 
  • We offer on-site counseling.  Molly Crenshaw is a certified counselor- 512-864-4216
  • We offer Bellydancing Classes and other prenatal preparation classes, a lending library (Salado Clinic) and various DVD's are available for loan such as "Better Birthing Bodies" and "the Big Stretch".  I guess you could say that we invest in you and your birth.
  • We are up to date on CPR, Neonatal resuscitation, CEUs and other licenses.


Would you like to learn more about us and our services and meet our midwife in person?

We would love to answer your questions.  512-818-6791 or 512-468-1419 or send us an email.   



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